Deuteronomy 13 (June 15)

                                                                                    Deaf Ears

            “…you must not heed the words of those prophets…”

            In the last times, said Jesus, there would be many so called “Christ’s” and false prophets.  Well, that prediction has come true, for never in the history of humanity has there been as many religions, cults, sects and “Messiahs” as we have today.

            The Word of God admonishes us, not to heed the words of these false teachers.  They have not been sent by God, even though they may look like sheep or “angels of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14), they are in reality ravenous and malicious wolves, whose purpose is to destroy the church.

            Among these “prophets” we find such groups as the Mormons, Rusellists, New Ager’s and many others.  Astrology and Spiritualism also belong to this gang of false teachers, plus the many new cults that spring up everyday across the world.

            The most dangerous individuals are the false brothers and ministers that infiltrate our congregations.  Why are they so dangerous?

            First of all, they are dangerous because of their outward appearance.  They dress, walk, and talk like Christians.  Some of them even “look” more like Christians than the real believers. Secondly, they know the Bible and how to use it for their malefic purposes.  The problem is that many of the true followers of Christ don’t take the time to study the Word; consequently it becomes very difficult to separate the truth from the lies.

            Do not listen to false prophets, and beware of false brethren.  Study God’s Word to be prepared to defend your faith at all times.  In other words; be deaf to the lies and always listen to the truth.

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