Deuteronomy 11 (June 13)

                                                                         Power and Love

            “…the earth opened its mouth…he will shut up the heavens,”

            Did you know that our God has absolute power over the so called “mother” nature?

            The stars and the sun; the planets and every other celestial body; bow down and obey every command of the Lord.  Even the rebellious humanity will one day bend their knees and “…confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.”  (Philippians 2:10, 11).

            One day God spoke to the ground and commanded it to open up and swallow a group of rebellious Israelites.  They spoke against Moses and God punished them with a one way trip to the center of the earth.

            Another time God shut up the heavens for at least three years during the reign of the wicked king Ahab.  God has that kind of power.  He can flood the earth, or he can stop the rain forever… if he wishes.

            Jesus demonstrated this absolute power on a daily basis.  He calmed storms, walked on the water and brought dead people back to life.  He also displayed his power as he lived without sin, and as he gave his own life and resurrected three days later.

            God’s power, however, is intricately connected with his unending love.  His power can shut up the heavens, but in his love he opens heaven to his children.  The power that opened the earth to punish sinners, will also keep hell and eternal death away from believers.  This power, united with God’s unending love will keep us through this life and lead us into glory.

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