Deuteronomy 10 (June 12)

                                                                            The Inheritance

            “The Lord is his inheritance…”

            The tribe of Levi was the only one that did not receive an inheritance of land in Canaan.  The rest of the tribes enjoyed beautiful lands and fortified cities…but not the Levites. 

            Many believers today live dangerously close to poverty.  If it wasn’t for the constant providence of God, I am completely certain that some of us would be homeless and penniless.

            The psalmist was “envious of the arrogant…” (Psalm 73).  He was truly a man of God who lived an upright life and had a pure heart.  He almost stumbled, as he shifted his eyes from God, unto the riches of the wicked.  He couldn’t understand why unbelievers could prosper so much, while he and other servants of God had to live day by day.

            I would like to know what was going on through the minds of the Levites, when they were informed that there was no inheritance for them… except the Lord.  Were they all satisfied?  Was there envy or jealousy in their hearts against their “luckier” brothers?

            How do we react or respond, when we see the prosperity of other Christians, and especially of those who reject Christ?  How would you feel, if I told you that you could be poor for the rest of your life?

            What does it matter my brethren if we are poor for just a little time?  Christ is our inheritance and heaven is our future home.  Let the wicked rejoice in their temporary pleasures for this is the only “joy” they will ever know.  As for us, we will rejoice for all eternity with Jesus, our inheritance.

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