Deuteronomy 8 (June 10)

                                                                          Do You Know?

            “…to know what was in your heart,”

            Only God knows the human heart and everything that is in it.  The great majority of humankind (including all the Christians), do not know themselves as God knows them. Only God can fathom the unsearchable depths of our hearts. The purest thoughts and the most sublime human feelings are affected by the sting of sin. How then, can we know or judge what is in somebody else’s heart?

            God is continually testing his children, to determine the intentions of each and every heart.  But, doesn’t God already know? Does he really need to put us to the test, to see the quality and intensity of our faith?

            To answer this question, we must travel back in time all the way to the Garden of Eden.  Adam and Eve had just finished falling into sin and God came along at that precise moment and called Adam and his wife.  Didn’t God know that they had sinned and were now hiding?

            Of course he did!

            I believe that God asked Adam and that He tests our hearts, to let us know that He knows; and so that we can know what he already knows about our heart.  Did you know that?

            How is your heart today?

            Do not answer, “Only God knows.” Yes, our Creator knows everything there is to know about us and He knows our hearts. But our God will also reveal whatever is in the heart of those who seek Him, so we can repent and serve Him once again. 

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