Deuteronomy 7 (June 9)

                                                                           Good Impression

            “…that I am commanding you today…”

            God speaks to his children; we have already established that point in many of our previous entries. In fact, the Bible is the inspired record and the written revelation of God to his followers. Christians must listen and obey…we know that too.  Is there anything new we need to learn?

            I wish I could give you a “new” revelation or commandment from God, but the fact is that Christianity is a very old faith.  The most we can attempt to do is to preach the same old saving message in new and creative ways, without compromising or watering down the gospel.  Remember that Jesus is always the same.

            So what could I tell you today that could inspire or motivate you to improve the quality of your Christian walk? The only message that I have for you today is that we need to be consistent in our obedience. Perseverance and commitment are the qualities that God expect from every born again believer. God is not impressed with talented, yet partly obedient Christians.  He expects TOTAL submission, honor and obedience from all of us.

            Our responsibility as Christians is to believe everything God teaches us; keep our promises; and obey him regardless the consequences.  What would you do if God would call you to serve him in any special ministry?  Would you obey?

            Understand that our Lord has a purpose in everything.  When he speaks then, we must listen in order to discern what he is communicating to us.  Then, and only then we will obey his will and God will be impressed by our faith and obedience.

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