Deuteronomy 6 (June 8)

                                                                    Open Ears

            “Hear O Israel:”


             A mother called her son at dinner time.

            No response.


            Again, no answer.


            At this point, little Andrew decided to hear his agonizing and desperate mother. He came to the table sporting a face of victory. He had once again won another bout against his poor mother.

            Something remarkably similar occurs to Christians.  God speaks to us and even though we can hear him, we do not listen.  He commands, and we disobey; he promises, but we doubt; and God calls us, but there is no response.

            How could it be that a Christian may hear God’s voice and not listen to it?  Incredible as it may seem, there are far too many “little Andrews” in the body of Christ.  God is calling us to come and have “supper” with him, but a great number of us want to stay in the world playing and wasting our life away.

            No wonder there are so many defeated Christians today!  How can we survive, if we refuse to listen to our Captain? Forgive us, O Lord, and help us to have open hearts (and ears) to listen and obey.                                                                                              

            Let anyone with ears listen!

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