Deuteronomy 4 (June 6)

                                                                                 Beware of Bandits

            “Take care and watch yourselves closely,”

            Children enjoy eating sweets.  They love candy, chocolates, cookies, and anything else that is pure sugar.  If parents would allow them, they would eat sweets twenty four hours a day.  To avoid this disaster, many parents hide the sweets up and away from the reach of the “candy bandits.”

            Men, for the most part, dream about getting married to a virgin. Wise and holy is the woman who remains pure until her wedding day; who keeps herself from the temptations of this world and reserves her body, heart and soul only for her future husband.

            The Bible exhorts us to take care of our souls, and keep it safe in the hands of God.  Our souls are a special treasure to the Lord and he desires to control our soul and spirit and to work wonders in us.

            But our souls are also coveted by the devil and sin.  When you see these two evil “friends” roaming around your house, lock the door of your heart and call the divine 911.  God will protect you with his “eternal life insurance.”  We also have the seal of the Holy Spirit, and angels surround us like a wall.

            Let us take care of our soul, like the mother who hides the candies, and the woman who keeps herself pure.  Christ is our bridegroom and our souls must remain stainless and pure until our wedding day in heaven.

            We are surrounded by all kinds of bandits, whose sole purpose is to destroy what God has given to us. Do not open the door to them…ever!

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