Deuteronomy 5 (June 7)

                                                                             God Speaks

            “Today we have seen that God may speak to someone…”

            If you would stop for a moment to observe little children, you may acquire a great deal of wisdom.  For example, who has not seen little girls talking with their dolls or boys with their toys?

            To us adults, these conversations may seem foolish and rather infantile, but on the other hand we readily accept and believe that God speaks to humans.  Our criticism of children must not be so harsh, for we act sometimes like dolls and toys when God speaks to us.

            We refuse to listen.

            The Lord spoke to Moses and to the people from Mount Sinai.  He sent words of comfort and deliverance, commandments to protect their lives and sweet promises.  He did not have to speak to them, but he did and some were glad, while others were very much afraid.

            Sometimes I wonder why God has chosen to speak to our sinful and ungrateful generation.  God spoke beforehand by prophets, dreams and visions.  Sometimes he spoke face to face with men, as in the case of Abraham and Moses.

            To us, he revealed himself through his Son Jesus.  Jesus is the eternal Word (John 1:1), who spoke volumes through his birth, life, death and resurrection.  He always spoke about the Father and his kingdom with words and deeds.

            God also speaks to his children through his written Word, the Bible.  This Word is life, and is our guide for every situation.  Do you read it?  Do you hear God’s voice?

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