Deuteronomy 2 (June 4)

                                                                       Circular Christianity

            “You have been skirting this hill country long enough.”

            In my younger days we used to play many outdoor activities and games.  One of the games that were specially loved by the girls was “Round and round.”  If you are not familiar with this game, I do not blame you, for this activity is played mostly in Latin America countries.

            This game was very exciting…for the first five minutes.  The girls would go around and around singing, then they would sit down, and immediately after that they would get back up again to continue in their circular motion and song.  After a while, this “exciting” game would become dull and boring.

            The truth is that the children of God sometimes get involved in a “game” similar to this.  Instead of walking in a straight line with God, we become “circular pilgrims,” in the same way as the Israelites in the wilderness.

            God is telling us today:  “You have been skirting (or going around) this hill long enough.”  It’s time for us to take hold of Jesus’ hand and follow his steps.  I don’t want to take part in “round and round” games anymore.  There is only one thing for me to do Lord: I want to follow you.

            Many Israelites did not enter the Promised Land and many believers today miss out on the blessings of maturity and growth in Christ. Circular Christians go nowhere, or they always come back to the same place they started from.  The “Straight walking” believers on the other hand, walk with Jesus in a path of victory, and God’s will is perfected in their lives.

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