Deuteronomy 1 (June 3)

                                                                           The Black List

            “The Lord your God carried you”

            A man carried a little black book with him at all times.  In it were written the names of those who had offended, mistreated, insulted and lied to him.  There was even a special section for those ungrateful creatures that had at one time or another refused to say a simple “thank you” to him.

            If you are wondering what the man did with this “black list,” I will tell you.  He devised a master plan for revenge, and decided to execute all his “enemies” one by one. He enjoyed his revenge, especially on the ungrateful ones. He had given so much of himself through the years, but no one thanked him for it. Now they would pay.  Day by day he went about fulfilling his terrible goal, until he killed most of the members of his black book, before being captured by the police.

            Ingratitude is an action (and an attitude), which is unworthy of a Christian.  How easy it is to complain against God in the midst of problems, and how quickly we congratulate, ourselves when we reach victory.

            Do you consider yourself a grateful person? Would you be surprised if you would find out that your name is in God’s “black book?”  Thankfully for us, God has forgiven all our sins, and he erased them from the heavenly books.  There is no black book or list against us; the only book in which our names are recorded, is the Lamb’s Book of Life.

            Do not allow this total forgiveness to delude your senses into sinning and complaining against God.  Be grateful for everything you receive from God, even those tests that in the end will make you a better Christian.

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