Isaiah 27    (September 4)

                                           The Dragon Died

              “… and he will kill the dragon that is in the sea“

              I have never seen a dragon, nor am I interested in seeing one in real person. Dragons are portrayed in movies as enormous, fire-blowing monsters. I try to avoid watching those movies because I want nothing to do with the devil.

              The Bible speaks of dragons, which means that these “animals” exist today, or at the very least they existed at one time on this earth. However, there is a great difference between the “dragon” of the Bible and the mythical dragon of the Orient, or the legendary dragon of Europe’s medieval time.

              The word dragon in the Bible is used to talk about a serpent, a crocodile, or any other type of marine “monster” like the whales.

              The application of this title is used almost exclusively for Satan. The devil used a serpent to tempt Eve, and since then the serpents (or dragons) are associated with evil. That “old serpent” is still deceiving millions of human beings today, however, the promise that this passage brings has already been partially fulfilled on the day in which Christ resurrected from the tomb.

           The day will come soon when the dragon will be overcome, judged and thrown in a lake of fire by the Lord. Christ is victorious and so are we. We have victory over the devil through our faith in Christ.

           Christ has saved us from the poison of the dragon, which is sin and death. The dragon can no longer win or make us fall into sin. We are the ones that defeat ourselves when we drift and separate from the Lord. The dragon has already been defeated and only waits for the day of his eternal death.

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