Isaiah 33     (September 10)

                                          God Never Sleeps

              ”Now I will arise, says the Lord…”

               A boy fell off a bridge and started to drown in a muddy swamp. Some people saw him from a distance and began to run, shouting to a man that was near that bridge. The man watched as the boy desperately fought to climb out of the mud, but remained seated and seemingly undisturbed.

              “Sir, save that boy!”

              The people shouted, while they approached the scene as quickly as possible. The man returned to look at the boy, who was weakening from the struggle and returned to his chair. Five minutes of shouting and agony went by. The man remained seated as the boy started to drown forever in the mud.

              Suddenly the man rose from his chair and in a few seconds descended to the swamp and rescued the drowning boy with a long rope.

              There are times when our God seems to act like this man. He remains seated on His throne, from which He controls the entire Universe. Eternity and time are in His hands, and nothing takes him by surprise.

              God always arises on time. He never hurries, nor does he wait too long. His timing is always perfect.

              Therefore let us be patient and wait on Christ to answer our prayers. He will always rise and save us, just like he did with his disciples, when they were in the midst of a storm and their boat was sinking.

              Arise, Oh Lord!

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