Isaiah 28     (September 5)

                                                  Corner Stone

             “I am laying… a tested stone…”

            In ancient constructions the builders used what was known in the Bible, as an angular or cornerstone. This stone (or rock) was very important, for it united the walls and would serve as a foundation for the whole building.

           Isaiah predicted the coming of Christ to Zion and compared him with a stone. Jesus would come to Israel to lay the eternal foundation of his church. But Christ is not just any stone. He is the,

           I. Tested Stone. Christ was tempted by the Devil and examined by men and no one found any character flaws or sin in Him.

           II. Cornerstone. Christ unites us with the Father and without Him there is no unity among brothers in the faith.

           III. Precious Stone. Christ is precious and wonderful. In Him, lives all the fullness of God (Colossians 2:9) and his eternal glory.

           IV. Sure Foundation. Christ is the Rock of Ages on which his church is founded and established forever.

          That is why we are told at the end of this passage that the, “One who trusts will not panic.”   If our life is founded on the CORNERSTONE, then there is no fear, or dismay and no shame.

           In Christ we are safe and secure, and nothing and no one, will be able to defeat us. We are standing upon the Rock and our spiritual houses will not be destroyed by the mighty winds of the enemy (Matthew 7:24, 25).

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