Isaiah 32     (September 9)


              “…a covert (refuge) from the tempest…”

              A squall is a sudden wind, accompanied with rain or snow. Many people have been surprised by a squall in the middle of a family picnic. A family is enjoying a day of sun in the park and then, strong winds suddenly begin to blow and heavy shower spoils the food and the fun.

              Christ is the only refuge against the squalls from the devil. Sometimes when everything is going well, we feel the sudden impact of his destructive winds and we are showered with temptation.

              Christ is our refuge and our shade. Under His wings of love we are safe, and those that persecute us will be ashamed. The winds will roar, the waves will hit us with great force and the rains will flood everything around us.

              We might not be able to stop the squalls in our lives, but in Christ we can always find refuge. The Christian life is often filled with storms and trials, but in Christ we have peace and joy in the midst of tribulation.

              The wind was blowing and the waves were threatening to sink the boat in which Jesus and the disciples were. All the apostles were panic stricken, but Jesus was sleeping inside the boat.

              Do you have that kind of peace?

              Do you trust in the Lord in every situation?

              We shall not fear the storms because in Jesus we have found an eternal refuge; a refuge that’s infinitely better than Noah’s Ark. Noah survived and we shall overcome.

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