Isaiah 25    (September 2)

                                      Wonders and the WONDERFUL

            “…for you have done wonderful things…”

            How wonderful is our Lord in every way! He always provides for his saints according to their needs. His protection and provision, also known as divine providence, is a wonder in the sense that it is timely and appropriate for everyone.

            God has not promised us riches—although there are many wealthy Christians—yet He provides all that we need in every sphere of our lives. For example, God not only provides for our physical and material needs, but he also supplies our emotional, intellectual and spiritual “side” with everything that we lack. Finally, God’s provision is also seen in the many spiritual gifts he gives to those he calls into his ministry.

            Yes, our God works wonders in every area of our existence. He justified our spirit from the penalty and shame of sin; He sanctifies our soul by the agency of the Holy Spirit in order that we draw closer to Him and further away from sin, and He takes care of our bodies and all of our needs.

             Isn’t this wonderful?

            God is wonderful in every sense of the word. Everything he has made is a wonder, including us. Even the terrible plagues of Egypt were called “wonders,” because only our mighty God was able to produce such portents.

            This why we love you Lord, because of your wonderful salvation

            This is why we serve you Lord, because you are a wonderful Master

            This is why we follow you Lord, because you are leading us to a wonderful home

            This is why we praise you Lord, because you are WONDERFUL!  

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