Isaiah 24     (September 1)

                                      Sweet, Yet Bitter

            “…strong drink is bitter to those who drink it.”

            In a great city lived a man known by all as, “Julian the drunk.” Julian consumed alcohol for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Julian’s favorite was whiskey, even though he would also drink rum, cognac, and beer, lots of beer. Julian was an alcoholic, but not a regular alcoholic; he lived to drink and the drinks were killing him.

            Julian was not a happy man; in fact he was bitter, depressed and prone to angry (and daily) outbursts. Alcohol would intoxicate him for a few hours, during which he would lose all shame and self-control. Shortly afterwards he would be attacked by headaches, nausea, depression and suicidal thoughts.

            Is this the happiness and joy that’s promised by alcohol commercials?

            A drink of beer or wine can be very sweet to the taste, but they are bitter to the stomach, not to mention the head and the heart.

            I have never seen any commercial that clearly depicts the bitter and fatal results of using and abusing alcohol. Nobody cares about the thousands of highway deaths, destroyed lives, broken marriages, abused youth, raped women and hungry children.

            My brother or sister, if you drink alcoholic beverages, I beg you in the name of Jesus, to beware of the serious danger you are exposing yourself and your family. Alcohol is a poison for your body as well as for your soul.

            Do not allow the devil to deceive you. Alcoholic drinks are bitter…even if they seem sweet. Do not follow the “spirits” of this world that lead to intoxication and debauchery; follow the Holy Spirit that leads us unto life, peace and joy.

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