Isaiah 18      (August 26)


             “…to a people feared near and far…”

             The Assyrians were frightening people, just like the Babylonians and a few other evil empires. Later on, the famous Roman Legions appeared on the scene, which were feared everywhere in the known world.

             Throughout history many nations have been feared. Some have been feared for their cruelty and others because of their military power. Today, Russia, China and the United States, are among the nations most feared by all.

             However, there are two other nations which deserve to be mentioned. First there is Israel, which has been feared not for its power, but mainly because of its God. All the countries of the world, with few exceptions, hate Israel. They fear them, because even though they have rejected Christ and separated from God, He has not totally rejected them. The promise that God made to Abraham is still in effect.

              The other “nation” is the living Church of Christ. The world also hates us because we are children of the light. But the church, that is the Christians, has not always walked in the light; sometimes we mix ourselves with sin and with the children of the world.

               When this happens, the people or children of God lose value before the eyes of the incredulous world. A Christian, who does not maintain a good testimony, cannot expect or demand respect from others.

               All must fear the church of Christ. This does not imply that we must make the world hate us due to our fanaticism; on the contrary, we should be feared because of our holiness and respected due our testimony in the Lord.

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