Isaiah 17     (August 25)


             “Ah, the roar of nations…”

              A young man called his fiancée on the phone and said,

             “My love, I love so much to you, that I would climb any mountain; swim any ocean; and walk any desert for you.”

              The fiancée was deeply moved and asked:

              “Does that mean that you are coming to see me today?”

             “No my love, I can’t, it is drizzling outside.”

             The love of this young man was not real. His love is just another noise in the wind; words that sound nice, but they are as empty as they are meaningless, because they are not accompanied by concrete actions.

             The nations of this world say many things. The nations make a great and empty noise. The nations speak of “peace, cooperation, friendship and love,” however, we see very little of these things in the world.

             God wants us to speak words with substance and value. Let every word we speak be truthful and positive. Enough already of empty words and false promises! It would be even better if we refrain from speaking our words and expressing our own opinions; let us speak God’s Word instead.

              It is better not to speak, or speak very little, than to speak and promise in vain. Christian must speak words seasoned with salt, so that they may bring life and blessing for all those who listen. May our words be the instrument God uses to bring healing for the broken hearts and to infuse hope into those which are lost.

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