Isaiah 19    (August 27)

                                          True Wise Men

            “Where are now your sages?

            Egypt was one of the greatest and most powerful and pagan empires that the world has ever known. Egypt was admired for its pyramids and temples, and for its military power and for its “wise” men.

            Moses was instructed in the palace of Pharaoh, in all the branches of Egyptian culture and knowledge. The Egyptians were very advanced in education and art. Their hieroglyphics were instructional and artistic.

            But the Egyptians lacked something; they lacked the knowledge of the one true God of heaven and earth. Although they were very wise in many aspects, they were ignorant in respect to the ways of the Lord.

            The Egyptians worshipped the sun, animals and even man-made idols. They were a polytheist nation and in many senses pagan, because they did not recognize nor worshipped Yahweh, the only true God.

            This is why Egypt ceased to be a worldwide empire. Only the name and old ruins remain from that great nation.

            The same thing has happened to other countries and cultures like Babylon and Greece. When wisdom is not used to glorify God, but to exalt men and wickedness, then it is no wisdom at all, for true wisdom comes from God and seeks God.

            Christians can be wise, if we ask God for wisdom and use that wisdom, to honor and glorify the one and only omnipotent God. And because that wisdom comes from God it will never end!

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