Isaiah 16    (August 24)

                                                        Sling Shot

            “Like fluttering birds, like scattered nestlings…”

            Since olden days, man has dedicated himself to hunt birds. They have used arrows, rifles and in some Amazonian tribes the Indians use an instrument similar to a blowpipe, called by some “Cerbatana” through which they blow a small arrow or dart.

            In Cuba, the boys hunted birds with “slings-shots.” This toy or weapon is in fact a piece of wood in the form of a “Y,” to which two rubber bands are attached. With a good stone and good aim, it is possible to kill (or at least drive away) birds.

             When a stone cleared the nest of a bird and did not hit it, the bird would fly away in fright. Sometimes they would perch in nearby tree, or fly away forever. The fear had driven the bird away from his home.

             What would happen if the birds would realize one day, that instead of fleeing, they could attack and harm their hunters?

             We, as Christians, are free like the birds. God has given us wings like those of eagles, to fly over the storm. However, God has also has given us faith, valor and courage to resist the attacks of the enemy. We cannot be cowardly like the birds, which fly from their nest, every time their adversary throws stones in their direction.

             Christians are humble and pacific, but not cowards. God has given us His Spirit of grace and strength so that we may face all situations. The Lord gives us the strength to resist and not flee.

             Let us raise the shield of faith and we will overcome in the name of Jesus. Let us fly to Him in our prayers and praises, but let us also stand firm and move forward without fear.

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