Isaiah 15    (August 23)

                                Black Tears

              “…everyone wails and melts in tears.”

              In a small country town a patriotic celebration was being held one summer night. There was an abundance of food and drink and the dance floor was very busy. It was very similar to the parties held across the United States of America on the 4th of July.

             The party was a tremendous success, until “the town’s bully” appeared (looking for trouble) and began to bother the mostly pacific and hard working people of that town. However, the bully made a mistake, when he tried to bother the fiancée of a young man from a neighboring town. The young man was a master in Judo and Karate and in few seconds, put the bully out of commission.

              He ended up crying and asking for forgiveness.

              This world is full of bullies and mockers, who go through life making fun of God, his Word and his people. Nevertheless, one day they will cry like defenseless children pleading for forgiveness…but it will be too late.

             The Bible says it very clear: “God is not mocked.” (Galatians 6:7)

             Therefore, let us never forsake our evangelistic efforts, or stop in the middle of the Christian race. Those that laugh now and mock God and his followers will cry forever in hell (unless they repent and believe in Jesus)

             Do not worry about those that mock you and our Lord Jesus. Do not carry the burden of fear or harbor revenge in your heart. The mockers may laugh and “rejoice” now, but their party is about to end very soon; but those who suffer with Christ, will rejoice eternally in the Glory of Heaven.

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