A Joyful Noise

A heart that’s filled with sadness

A soul that has a void

Can escape from the madness

And find blessings and great joy


This world is a very dark place

 And sorrow reigns supreme

 This world rejects God’s grace

 And has no time or love for the King


 There is joy for the heart that’s filled with sorrow

 There is dancing for the feet that cannot walk

 There is hope for today and for tomorrow

 There is light that will lead us in the dark


  This Joy is a gift of the Almighty

  For those who have communion with his Son

  A gift that will endure for eternity

  A gift that fills our hearts with a new song


 Oh Jesus, you are my joy eternal

 You are the purpose of my life

 I renounce my struggles and my strife

 I submit to you, my loving Lord

 I am diving into the river of your joy

 That will lead me all the way to Heaven’s shore


     A. G.

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