Isaiah 10    (August 18)

                                               Divine Instruments

            “Ah, Assyria, the rod of my anger.”

             Pastor Raleigh Washington told us the following story,

             Once upon a time, there was a Christian woman that lived a contented life, by trusting God in the midst of her poverty. One day while she was praying out loud for her needs, her neighbor, who was an atheist, decided to play a practical joke on her.

           The man went to the supermarket and made a large purchase of groceries. When he arrived at the woman’s house, he put all the bags next to the entrance of her house, knocked on her door and scurried away to his house next door.

            When the woman went outside and saw all that food, she began to glorify the Lord with great joy. With tears of joy in her eyes she praised God out loud for all his goodness, mercies and bountiful grace.

            The atheist responded with anger:

            “Do not thank God; I was the one that bought all this food!”

            The woman responded wisely,

            “I thank you my Lord for loving me so much and for giving me all this food, and for making the devil pay for it!”

            Our God is sovereign and powerful; he can use anyone to fulfill his purpose. He even used the devil to urge the Jewish rulers and the Roman governor, to crucify Jesus. He used nations like Assyria and Babylonia to discipline and punish his disobedient people.

             If God can use even his enemies, don’t you thing that he can use us too? Pray with me today that God will use us with power and for his glory for the rest of our lives.

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