Isaiah 12   (August 20)

                                                New Song


              “I will give thanks to you, Oh Lord…”

              A Christian singer related his testimony to the large audience that had gathered in the auditorium to hear him sing praises to Jesus.

              According to him, his past life was a total disaster. For many years he was a slave to alcohol and drugs. His marriage was not among the best, and his children were badly harmed because of his bad example.

              This brother used his talented voice to sing to the world before his radical conversion to Christ. For many years he sang of “love” and “happiness,” but he felt neither. Life was just an act or a performance for him. He was like a clown that makes other people laugh, but is sad and depressed inside.

              One day, he was rescued from his meaningless and hopeless way of living. Christ cleansed his soul and gave him a new song to sing. Since then, he only sings in the Name, and for the glory of Jesus.

              Who do you sing to?

              In the Bible we are told that the redeemed (saved), are the only ones that can sing a new song. The angels and all the creation praise God, but only the believers have a new melody in their lips.

              Our song is new because it has a,

              New message (Jesus)

              New inspiration (the Holy Spirit)

              New destiny (heaven).

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