Isaiah 5     (August 13)

                                                       Ripen Fruits

            “…but it yielded wild grapes.”

            Once upon a time, there was a Christian couple that raised their only son in the ways of the Lord. The boy never lacked love and attention and had the privilege of seeing the example of a Christian life in his parents.

            Each Wednesday and Sunday they took their son to church.

            Every day they prayed for their son.

            Every day the boy was taught the Word of God.

            The son grew in stature and knowledge, but not in his love for God. When he was fully-grown he separated from his parents, church and God. His parents had dreamed that his life would be a tree of sweet and delicious fruits, but he turned into a tree of bitter and rotten oranges.

            Israel was the chosen vine of God. God rescued his people; he cared for them and gave them the law. The people of Israel had been called to be holy and different. But Israel became corrupt, and instead of bearing good fruits of justice and judgment, they conducted themselves worse than all their neighbors.

            God waits for us to bear good fruit today, let us not fail Him!

            The world needs to see spiritual fruits in our lives; the sweet fruits of a holy and consecrated life for the Lord. As a delicious fruit bearing tree is attractive to the hungry traveler, our fruitful lives must be attractive to the hungry, thirsty, sick, evil, sinful and lost souls of this world.

            Is your life a bitter and wild grape, or is it a sweet, ripen and desirable fruit?

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