Isaiah 4    (August 12)

                                                     Big Name

            “…just let us be called by your name;”

            In 1972, the Miami Dolphins won the “Super Bowl” and finished the season with a record of 17-0—the only team in the NFL, or in any other major sport, that has ever finished undefeated.

            The key for their success was not the acquisition of “big name” players, or superstar athletes, a very common practice nowadays. They were the champions, but only a few people knew all of their individual names. In fact they were known nationwide as the “No Name Defense” among sportscasters and writers.

            Most followers of Christ are not famous, nor do they have famous names or titles such as “Baron” or “Prime Minister.” Most of us will never appear in a movie, and no TV network is interested in our life story (unless we commit a crime, which I don’t recommend). The church is filled with a bunch of unknown and usually unpopular people.

            To this world we are nothing but a faceless, nameless multitude; as a matter of fact we are just another “number” among the millions. Let’s face it; this world is not interested in us Christians, because in reality we are not of this world.

            God, on the other hand, knows each one of us by name and has given each one of us a brand new name that will be famous for all eternity! Yes, the name of “Christian” may not be trendy or popular in our world today, and perhaps it will never be. The world, which despises Christ, also hates those who are called by his glorious name. Nevertheless we shall be known throughout eternity, as those who are so blessed as to bear Christ’s name.

            Are you a Christian today?

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