Isaiah 6      (August 14)

                                               Absolute Obedience

            “Here am I; send me!”

            Once I heard the following story,

            One of Napoleon’s generals shouted to the soldier in charge of the long range cannon.

            “Soldier, open fire on that house!”

            The befuddled soldier replied,

            “Are you sure Sir?”

            “Obey my orders soldier!”

            “Yes Sir, but…”

            “OBEY MY ORDERS NOW!”

            The soldier obeyed, and with just one blast destroyed the house. Immediately he began crying uncontrollably and when the irate general asked him why was he crying for, he promptly replied,

            “Sir that was my family’s house!”

            God delights in the absolute obedience of his children. Our obedience is not limited to great and heroic acts, or sublime sacrifices. We must obey our Lord every day and in every detail; we must offer ourselves daily to Jesus as a living and holy sacrifice.

            Lord, you are the Potter

            I am just the clay

            I promise to you Holy Father

            That I will serve and obey.


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