Isaiah 3    (August 11)

                                                                 The Owner Can…

      “…the Lord will take away…”

            The owner of the company said to Carmen:

            “I am very sorry, but today is your last day of work.”           

            The neighborhood baseball game ended abruptly when Philip yelled,

            “I am taking my ball, because no one lets me play!”

            Job’s riches and many other blessings including his own family ended, when God came and “took it” away.           

            As believers, sometimes we don’t understand (or accept) that God is the owner of our lives. He can give and take away as he pleases.

            God is not cruel; He does not take anything away because He feels like it, nor because He wants to hurt us. Even though He is sovereign and can do as He pleases with us, He does everything with a holy purpose and for our own good.

            What has God taken from you?

            A job?

            Someone in your family?

            Material possessions?

            I don’t know for sure what God has taken from you, or why has He taken it, but one thing I know, and of this you can be sure—He will never deprive us of his presence and great love. God was right there with Job amid his great suffering. He also was with Jonah inside the big fish and with Daniel in the den of lions. He is with us right now and whatever He takes from us should never interfere with our relationship with our loving Father.

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