Isaiah 2     (August 10)

                                     The Light

            “…come let us walk in the light of the Lord!”

            The light is like a mirror, in the sense that it reveals the true makeup of our surroundings. It is very difficult or impossible to distinguish many things at night when it is dark, but when the morning comes, the sunlight lets us see and appreciate, what was “hidden” to our eyes during the night.

            The Lord is our spiritual light. He shone his bright light in front of our blind eyes when we were groping about in the “night of sin.” As we realized our sinful condition, we turned our eyes to the light of the Son, which appeared in the “morning of our salvation.”

            Yet there are those who still refuse to look at and walk in the light of God. These people prefer to live in darkness, rather than to be changed by the light. Something similar to this happened to a friend of mine, who was once “watching” a movie with his girlfriend under the cover of darkness. All of a sudden the lights went on and the mother of the girl surprised them as they were kissing.

            Oh, how much he hated that light!

            Child of God, you have seen the light of Jesus, and he is the light in your heart. Therefore reject all the works and enterprises of the “dark side” and continue to walk with Jesus…in the light.

            If you find yourself today in a dark tunnel of depression and desperation, look at the light of Jesus that’s shinning at the end and follow it. Likewise, if you have sinned and now feel guilt and shame, the light of Jesus will show the way to forgiveness and restoration. Follow the light and you will find victory, joy and life.

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