Song of Solomon 3, 4     (August 5)

                                                     Don’t Let Go!

            “I held him, and would not let him go…”

            A missionary visited a poor family afflicted by drugs. For many years the father fought against his addiction, but was unable to overcome it. The wife and four children suffered much, because they could not depend on the financial support from the “man” of the house, who loved gambling and drugs, more than his own family.

            The missionary preached the gospel to them and brought clothes and food for them. The children felt so loved by that man of God, that taking hold of his hands, pleaded with him not to leave their house.

            “Please, don’t go!”

             The Shulamite took the hands of King Solomon and held them close to her heart. She loved him and therefore searched for him. When the Shulamite found him, she did not want (not even in her dreams), to ever lose him.

             Christ is our King, but he is also our Friend. The desire of each believer should be to hold the hands of Christ and never let go, not even for a moment. When we do this, we are not “tying” down Christ so he will not be able to “escape” from us. How can we do this to the One that promised to be always with us?

            Christ will never let us go. You and I are the ones that let go of God once in a while, and venture into strange and dangerous paths. This is why today and every day, we need to cling to Christ. A true Christian never loses his salvation, but he/she can miss the joy of walking holding hands with the Lord.

           Hold on to Christ today!

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