Song of Solomon 5, 6    (August 6)

                                                       Love and Respect

            “…My sister, my love…”

            King Solomon was surrounded by women, but he really loved only one: The Shulamite woman. Solomon loved her so much, that he even wrote a book dedicated to her. This biblical book is a compilation of all the praises and compliments from Solomon to the Shulamite—the theme of every “song” of Solomon.  

           And speaking of compliments, when was the last time you praised your wife or husband?

           Have you hugged your wife today and tell her that you love her? Have you loved her sacrificially today, as Christ loves the church?       

            When a couple marries, the compliments, kisses and hugs abound, but soon thereafter they begin to dwindle and wither with each passing day. The man has already conquered his beloved and therefore, the praises and sweet words of love, are no longer necessary. Is this not the truth?

           Solomon teaches us that many of us men are wrong. He praised his beloved at their wedding and he continued praising and complimenting her all the years of their sweet marriage. Not only did he praise her; Solomon also respected the Shulamite. For that reason he calls her “my sister and my love.” His relationship was not purely sexual. He trusted her and treated her with the respect that a brother or sister in the faith deserves.

            Christians must love and respect each other. This includes spouses, fiancées, parents, children, and brothers and sisters. In any relationship—whether they are Christians or not—the other person always deserves our love and respect. How much more should we love and respect those who will live with us in heaven for all eternity!

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