Ecclesiastes 7   (July 30)

                                                                    Lady Death

            “…and the day of death, than the day of birth”

            Are you fearful of death?

            The majority of people say that they do not fear death, but when the hour approaches there are many that cry and become desperate.

             If you doubt my words, you only need to visit a hospital or a funeral home. There you will be able to observe up close, the faces of the dying (and of the dead); there you will be able to listen to the weeping and the screams of their family and friends terrified before the horrific presence of “Lady Death.”

             However, as Christians, the day of our death should be the greatest day of our lives. On that day we will be free of this body of death, and we will be reunited forever with Christ, our sweet Savior.

             When a Son of God dies, it is not a time for weeping, even though we are all hurt by the separation. It is a time of joy and celebration, because a son or a daughter has finally met his Celestial Father, who waits for us with open arms.

            The death of a Christian is not a tragedy. More tragic is the birth of a child who is born in sin, lives in sin and one day will die in his sins. It is better to die in Christ and fly to heaven, than to be born into this sinful world.

            Death is the most tragic even for an unbeliever, but it has no power over a Christian. Death itself will be used by God to transfer us to a better world; to a world where neither death nor pain can enter. Death is not the end for believer, but a gate that closes our access to this world and opens the way to heaven.

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