Ecclesiastes 8    (July 31)

                                                Wisdom Seekers

            “…When I applied my mind to know wisdom…”

            Wisdom is not easily found in this world. Most universities teach Philosophy, which roughly means the “love of wisdom,” however they do not teach wisdom, especially not the wisdom that comes from God.

            Wisdom goes beyond natural intelligence and human knowledge. No one is born wise, nor can anyone manufacture wisdom, even if they dedicate all of their lives to the study of philosophy and to the accumulation of knowledge.

             Wisdom comes only from God, but not all the children of God are wise. Two things are needed to obtain the wisdom from above: Faith and dedication. We need faith, to ask God for wisdom, and we need dedication to continue seeking God’s wisdom.

             Wisdom does not reside in us in a permanent form like the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we neglect it a little, and wisdom “escapes” from us. This is why we must be constantly praying to God for wisdom. But he who is wise will continued to be wise, as long as he applies God’s wisdom to his life.

             In other words, it is not enough to recognize that we are not wise in and of ourselves and that we need to ask wisdom from God. Once we have received it, we must use it and examine it at great length in order to learn from it.

             Wisdom is not something that happens in a day, nor is it used on a single and special event. We need God’s wisdom to live every day and to apply it in each and every situation. Wisdom is having the fear of God in our hearts (Proverbs 1:7), guiding our conscience, correcting our mistakes and leading us to make holy and godly decisions.

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