Proverbs 31   (July 24)

                                                              What a Woman!

      “A virtuous woman who can find?”

            God created women with a very special purpose: To glorify God and to help man. Men without women are incomplete at best.

             At the beginning of Creation all animals had mates, but man was alone. Then God provided an ideal helpmeet or “soul mate” for man; from his own rib he created a beautiful woman.

            However the woman sinned and Adam was also seduced. The ideal mate did not help her husband at all on that day. From that moment forward, God has been searching for virtuous women; there are some out there, but many more are needed.

            The married man needs a virtuous wife. A less-than-virtuous woman is not an ideal mate for any man.

            A virtuous woman is reliable and always wants the best for her home.

            A virtuous woman works with her hands and feeds her family.

            A virtuous woman supports her husband in all that is good; she always has time for her children and to help others.

            A virtuous woman is wise and holy. She trusts in God.

            A virtuous woman is respected by her children and praised by her husband.

            A virtuous woman is different from other women, because she fears the Lord. Christ is seeking, and the world needs, many virtuous women.

            I thank God that I found, or better yet, that He gave me a virtuous wife. She is so much more than I deserved and needed. I am complete in Christ and with my wife.

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