Proverbs 30   (July 23)

                                                        Real Riches

            “…give me neither poverty nor riches;”

            Many people in this world dream about being rich. Some play the Lottery every week, whereas others gamble all their money on dog or horse racing. The casinos in Las Vegas are always full, as are the ones popping up in other states and even on cruise ships.

            On the other hand, we see millions of people resigned to living their lives in abject poverty and suffering the consequences of laziness or lack of opportunities. Our streets are filled with homeless beggars, who are getting younger every day.

            Agur found the perfect balance for his life. He did not wish to be rich, nor poor. His innermost yearning was to stay in communion with the Lord and to depend on God for all of his necessities.

            The rich can forget God; especially since they have “bread” for many days. The poor can also forget about God in the midst of their unfavorable conditions. Some of them steal and blaspheme the name of God.

             Christians that love the Lord Jesus Christ and not riches of this world will live their lives confident and with great joy at all times. Christ is the center of their lives and therefore they will not be moved from their faith and trust in the Lord. They may not be wealthy, but they are rich because they have Christ.

              Christ is our hope and only in Him we will forever trust. He will always sustain us with the right hand of his glorious power and miraculously provide for our needs, again and again and…He will never fail us.

              You can take him at his word.

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