Proverbs 22    (July 15)

                                                     Individual Instruction

            “Train children in the way…”

            This Biblical passage is very well known, but wrongly interpreted. Many think that this verse means that no one will ever depart from God, if he or she is trained as a child in the ways of God.

            If you observe carefully you will see that the passage alludes to his way. The “way” here, is not necessarily the way of God (although it is the aim of the author for us to follow God’s way), but it refers mainly to the habits, interests, and individual personality of each child.

            Each Christian, regardless of his age, is like a child in the presence of God. We are clumsy, ungrateful, ignorant, and we drift away from God frequently. Nevertheless, God loves us more than we can imagine. He instructs us with love and patience and his mercy is endless. And that’s why I say,

            “How great you are my Christ!”

            God also instruct us according to our ways. He is the perfect Father that is never in a hurry and always has time for us. His attention and instruction is personal. He takes into consideration our character, attitude, inclinations, bents and interests; and he molds and shapes us with his Word.

            The instructions for a child begin at the crib, and ends at the grave. The training of a Christian believer begins when he is born again and perhaps it will never end.

            Thank you Lord, because you instruct me with your patient love to make a mature Christian out of me. Thank you because I know you will help me to grown in your ways and never depart from you.   

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