Proverbs 23  (July 16)

                                                                 Eternal Wings

      “…flying like an eagle toward heaven.”

            There is no other bird in the sky that can fly with the majesty and grace of a beautiful eagle. With great ease and aerodynamic elegance, they rise to high altitudes until they are lost from sight.

            Fame and money are like that; they are here today, but tomorrow they will melt away as snow with the arrival of spring. The riches of this world are corruptible and fame and popularity only last the equivalent of the proverbial fifteen minutes.

            Man created a special “jail” for their money and they called a Bank. There they keep their wealth as a prisoner so it does not fly away, but even then it still escapes, thanks to its friends: Death, debts and thieves. Money, on the other hand, is not loyal to anyone; money will spread its wings and fly away from you.

            No one can trap money forever. No one that trusts in riches will ever be happy.   The money you have in your pocket today will soon disappear.

            A Christian hymn says, “Fix your eyes upon Jesus.”

            The Bible tells us, “Fix your eyes upon Jesus.”(Hebrews 12)

            Now I invite you to search through the whole Bible and see if you are able to find any reference or commandment that encourages you to, “Fix your eyes on riches.” I will give you a million dollars if you find it!

            Let us be wise and remember that it is better to hold onto Christ, than to riches. Money always wants to fly away from us. Christ will take us to his celestial kingdom on his eternal wings.

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