Proverbs 19    (July 12)

                                                It’s your our Fault

            “Yet the heart rages against the Lord.”

            Since the days of Adam and Eve, human beings sin and then blame God when they reap the fruit of evil. Man asks:

            Why does God allow wars?

            Why do “good” people die young?

            Why do thousands of people die of hunger and illnesses each day?

            Why does God allow young children to be abused?

            Why do some people never hear the Gospel?

            The great majority of people who ask these and other questions, accuse God of being directly responsible for these and other atrocities. In other words, they blame God for all the evil that happens in the world.

            Is it correct to accuse God?

            Of course not!

            It is true that God allows for us to be tested now and then, however, this is not the same as being punished for our sins. Trials are not the result of any particular sin. Through them God perfects us and helps us to mature in our faith.

            The problems of this world are not, and can never be attributed to God. Rebellious human beings and their sins are the direct cause of wars, abuse, labor exploitation, hate, destruction and even death.

            The next time that you sin, do not blame God if things do not end up the way you wanted. Repent and suffer the consequences.

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