Proverbs 18    (July 11)

                                                    My Great Friend

            “…but true friend sticks closer than a brother”

            Alexander was a very popular young man in his neighborhood. Every Friday night, a group of friends would gather together in his house, to go and party all night in the town. He worked hard all week long, to accumulate enough money for the weekend.

            Alexander had money and a new car of his own. He and his “friends” would go to discos (clubs), bowling, roller skating, or to house parties. “Partying” with Alexander was fun—everyone wanted to be associated with him.

            But one day, Alexander received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and his life changed completely. Now he would go to church and serve the Lord. There was no more dancing, no more drinking, no worldly life.

            As a result of his life-changing decision, all his “friends” abandoned him and they even laughed at him when he tried to preach the gospel to them. Where they really his friends? It is clear that they were not.

            Our true friend is Christ. He never abandons us, and he would never make fun of his friends. Christ cries when we cry; he is joyful when we are triumphant; he grieves when we sin, and he is always with us and within us.

            Christ is the one and only true friend. Even our parents, children, spouses, family members and close friends, can and will betray us, or fail us at one time or another. Christ will never betray us and his love shall never fail.

            We are very blessed to be called friends of the Divine Friend. He gave his life for me on the cross when I was his enemy, just so He can call me friend today and forever.

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