Proverbs 20      (July 13)

                                                    Real men love Jesus

            “…but who can find one worthy of trust?”

            Today’s society has a wrong concept of what real man should be.

            Movies and soap operas show us a distorted image of man. Male chauvinism and alcoholism are prevalent. A man must be—according to them—a ladies’ man, strong, attractive and wealthy.

            Fat, bald, and short men, are not “acceptable” in our culture. The poor, the sick and even men of a different color or culture are also not welcome.

            Who is a real man?

            According to our society, an ideal man is white, has blond hair like the sun and his eyes must be green or blue like the sea. This man is strong and tall. His profession: A physician, a banker or a lawyer.

            This “man” is rich and possesses many homes, autos and yachts. Of course, we must not forget that he must be young and good-looking. He is married, but being a “modern” man, he does not deprive himself of the privilege of enjoying the company of other women. He is a good dancer and enjoys all the temporal pleasures of this life.

            According to the Holy Word of God, a real man (if there are any or many), should be loving, patient, peace-loving, and godly in character. A real man loves his family; is a hard worker; serves Christ at his local church, and is not afraid to ask for forgiveness when he is wrong. A real man is sincere, honest, transparent, and humble. He might be rich or poor, but his greatest riches are found in God.

           What type of man are you?

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