Proverbs 17    (July 10)

                                               Dry Bread, Sweet Peace

            “Better is a dry morsel with quiet…”

            Peace is one of the most beautiful gifts that God has granted to men. God created Adam and Eve and placed them in a beautiful and peaceful garden. They lived peacefully in the Garden of Eden until they decided to disobey God’s command and follow sin. Since that time, this world has not known full peace.

            Peace is a very rare and scarce article in this world, so full of wars and international conflicts. Peace is a desirable fruit in every generation, but it is not easily acquired. Only those who are full of the Holy Spirit are able to enjoy this fruit.

            Peace is a treasure we all yearn for. Some think that peace is merely the absence of wars; others look for peace through wars, and still others think that they can find peace through “yoga,” transcendental meditation and human religions.

            Peace is found only in Christ. With Christ in our hearts, we can eat, sleep or do anything else peacefully. It does not matter if the food is good or not, or if our bed is small or uncomfortable.

            Peace is an oasis of life and tranquility, where our stressed-out souls can find rest and relaxation. This world is a desert full of sandstorms of hatred and anxiety, but those who trust in the Lord and are guided by his Spirit, can eat of the fruit of peace and drink from the words of life in Christ.

            Christ is our PEACE.  He died on the cross to put an end to the enmity between mankind and their Creator. His death satisfied the Father’s righteous wrath over sin and made peace a reality for those of us that believe the gospel.

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