Proverbs 16   (July 9)


            “The plans of the mind belong to mortals…”

            Men love to plan their future. Architects plan the construction of buildings; the United States Congress plans the annual budget, teachers plan their weekly lessons, lovers plan their weddings, reception and honeymoons and families plan their summer vacations.  

            It is not a bad thing to plan for the future. It is not a sin to prepare and organize for success. If you do not plan for college, you will be in debt for life. If you don’t plan and prepare for marriage, you are a good candidate for divorce. The person that is not prepared for the future is like an archer shooting arrows to the wind.

            “But the answer…is from the Lord.”

             As children of God, we must always consult with our Father before making any decision. We can plan, but at the same time we must pray so God’s will be done. Someone has said somewhere: “Man proposes, but God disposes.”

            We must never stop dreaming, or planning for our future. Christians are called to be good administrators of everything we have received from the Lord. As good stewards, we must manage our time, finances and resources in a godly and organized way

           A Christian, who does not prepare himself or herself today or plans for the future, is very negligent.

           A Christian, who prepares and plans his life without consulting with God in prayers and through the Word, is impotent.

           A Christian, who prepares himself, consults with God and plans his life according to His divine will, is obedient.        

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