Proverbs 15    (July 8)

                                                       Sweet Tongues

            “A soft answer turns away wrath…”

            Martha and Genaro were happily married for many years. Martha was a holy woman with a passive spirit. Genaro was a good man, but with a bad temper. Genaro loved to argue and was very demanding with his loving wife. On many occasions he spoke before thinking and argued without any reason.

            How was it possible for this marriage to remain strong for so many years?

            God blessed Martha and endowed with her a patient and humble heart, and with a “sweet” tongue. When Genaro would start shouting, Martha would respond with love, wisdom and tenderness. Martha did not allow the devil to “plant” discord in her home.

            All Christians would do well by imitating Martha. Why is there an abundance of disputes between spouses, brothers and sisters in Christ, and even between nations? How can we avoid these arguments?

            The first thing we must do it is to seek God. Those who speak with God and listen to His Word are prepared to repel the attacks of the enemy. In second place, we must allow the Holy Spirit to “tame” our wild tongues. Remember that if we react to offenses, by offending the offender, the battle continues, but if we learn to be silent and to respond with humility, the discussion will soon be over.

            Many times we argue over things that are insignificant. Many times we fight, because we do not know how to speak to each other. Many times we argue and take revenge, usurping the place of God.

            Will you ask God to give you a sweet tongue?

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