Proverbs 14   (July 7)

                                                   Looks Like Gold…

            “There is a way that seem right to a person…”

             In the winter Olympic Games, celebrated every four years, thousands of athletes from almost nation in the world skate, play hockey and ski down snowy mountain slopes. There is one very interesting sport named “Bobsled” (human sleigh). You can compete in this event individually, or in teams.

            This sport SEEMS to be very simple. The athletes push the sled and when it gathers enough speed they mount in it. The “only thing” they have to do is to slide down a tunnel, or ice trench that SEEMS to be straight.

             However, as we all know, not everything that shines is gold. The treacherous tunnel, is neither straight, nor is it easy.

            Everything in the beginning SEEMS to be very simple, but as the race progresses so do the curves, the speed and the danger. Very few are those, who can finish the race without suffering serious injuries or damages to their sled.

            The race of life is very similar. Many follow the widest path, not knowing that at that end of the road they will find only death and condemnation. That popular road SEEMS good, straight and pleasant, but it is not the best path, in fact is no good at all! The way that SEEMS to be a street of gold, ends in an abyss—leading straight to hell.

            Many walk through this road; those who live and die without Christ. How blind and mistaken they are! They “live” for the moment and lose eternity.

            Do not be discouraged my brothers and sisters. The Christian path may “seem” to be difficult now, but is leading us straight to the (real) streets of gold.

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