Proverbs 13      (July 6)

                                                   Waiting for Hope

            “Hope deferred makes the heart sick…”

            God is good. His love has saved us from the slavery to sin; the desolation of death, and the hopelessness of hell. Jesus rescued our lost souls and has dressed us with righteousness and forgiveness.

            His Word sustains those who believe in Him. His promises infuse hope in our sometimes “hopeless” situation. The hope of a Christian is to enjoy everlasting life, with an everlasting body, in an everlasting kingdom, and united with the everlasting King.

            However, Christ has not returned yet, and even though we strongly believe in his second coming, there are times when we, who wait for his appearance, begin to doubt under the many tensions of life. It is not easy to wait for hope.

            But Christ deserves to be the eternal Recipient of all our hope and confidence. He is our hope, and He personally guarantees each promise, for they have been written with his blood. Our bosses, husbands or wives, children and even pastors promise many great things, and sometimes keep them.                           

            Christ always keeps all his promises. Every predictive promise or prophecies have been (or shall be) fulfilled. We can trust in Him and put our entire confidence and hope in his promises, because all of them will come true.

            Abide in Christ, and hope against hope…even if it hurts. One thing that we can be sure of is that our Lord and Savior is never late. He is always on time, but we must remember that his timing is sovereign and does not rely upon human actions, reactions or circumstances. Waiting on God is hard, but his reward will make us forget that we ever waited at all.

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