Proverbs 12     (July 5)

                                       Firm, Foliaceous and Fruitful

            “…but the root of the righteous bears fruit.”

            Tornadoes are storms consisting of strong winds similar to cyclones or hurricanes. The power of a tornado is so great, that it can uproot trees, send cars flying and destroy houses with the greatest of ease.

            A tornado is capable of destroying all the trees in a park. I have seen how tornadoes and hurricanes uproot most trees. Only an exceptional tree with great, deep roots can escape the destructive claws of a tornado.

            The life of a Christian is characterized by seasons of peace and by stormy days. God promises us that in Him we will have peace, even in the darkest of days. Do you have peace, when spiritual tornadoes hit your soul?

            A true Christian is like a tree, firm, foliaceous and fruitful. Psalm 1 describes the life of the righteous in the form a tree.

            Firmness comes from how great, strong and deep our roots are. The root of a Christian is his faith that is planted in a good and fertile soil, and is anchored onto the unmovable ROCK (Christ).

            A strong tree will give much shade and will never lack fruits (Psalm 1). This is the reason why we must be diligent in feeding our faith (roots), with the Word of God, which is the water of life.

            Let us have confidence in the promises of our God! He has not promised us that there will be no tornadoes; however, he has promised us that his presence will always be there with us, even when the storms destroy everything around us.

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