Proverbs 8     (July 1)

                                             Eloquence or Excellence?

            “Hear, for I will speak noble things…”

            The night of March 4, 1995, was a very special night for the city of Miami. The “James L. Knight” auditorium proudly presented the best or at the least the most famous Hispanic preacher in the world at the time: Dr. Luis Palau.

            Thousands of young men and women attended the event that night. They enjoyed the contemporary Christian music, and a brilliant message from the Word of God. The result was marvelous—hundreds received new and everlasting life in Christ, and others rededicated their lives to the Lord.

            Nevertheless, there were thousands of young people that were not able to enter. The auditorium was full, including hundreds that remained standing in the back and the sides of the theater. They all wanted to hear the words of this great servant of God.

            What’s his secret? Palau, did not come to Miami to tell stories, he brought us the eternal message of the Word of God.

            The world has brilliant speakers and famous musicians. Some are famous for their “motivational” messages, while others entertain us with comedy. There are also political orators and there are even those that speak to us about sports, arts, etc.

            However, Luis Palau and every true believer in Christ possess a more excellent message, and true and righteous words. Our message is not always popular, or well accepted, but it is the best. The world needs to hear our message. They need to listen to excellence, more than just mere eloquence. I am completely sure that Luis Palau agrees with me.

            Do you?

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