Proverbs 9     (July 2)

                                                     Wise Ears

            “…the wise, when rebuked, will love you.”

            One way to differentiate a wise person from a fool is by seeing how he or she reacts towards any kind of criticism. The ungodly hate to be corrected; their reaction is often very negative when they are reprimanded or criticized, regardless if the observation is constructive or negative.

            When the godly and wise people are criticized, they often respond in an attitude of repentance and humility.

            There is a great difference between reacting and responding. The foolish man that rejects Christ reacts like a boxer, who fights like a madman; returning blow for blow with uncontrollable fury. At least a boxer doesn’t have the luxury of taking time to think his response—it would prove to be a fatal decision, but what is the excuse for the rest of humanity, that never stops to think before acting or talking?

            The wise and godly will respond in a positive manner most of the time. Perhaps their response will not be immediate and they might not “sing your praises” soon after you (or anyone), have made constructive remarks known to him/her. But a true Christian will be convicted by the Holy Spirit and with time will learn to appreciate good counsel and godly criticism.                                        

            The wise think and pray before they answer. The wise listen to good advice and change, because they recognize, sooner or later, that it comes from God. The foolish, who do not love or follow God, will reject most counsel, especially if it comes in the name of the Lord.

            Are you a wise person?

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