Proverbs 7   (June 30)

                                                     Poor Bruce!

            “…a young man without sense…”

            Bruce Kimball was a young man with a brilliant future. Being only a teenager, he had already won a silver medal in diving at the Summer Olympics. He was second only to Greg Louganis and was getting better every day.

            There are millions of young men and women all around the world that dream with participating in the Olympics. Bruce not only participated, but won a few medals to boot. And we are not even mentioning the medals and trophies he won in national and international competitions worldwide!

            However, Bruce Kimball was a young man lacking understanding. One night he drove his car under the influence of alcohol and…well, the results were tragic for Bruce, who ended his brilliant career, but it was even worse for a group of bystanders gathered in the corner of the fatal intersection. Some were hurt and others were killed. No, Bruce Kimball did not die, but he was suspended and incarcerated as a criminal.

            As I read the story of Bruce Kimball, I remember when I was a young man without understanding. My life was controlled by alcohol, pornography and rebellion. I too could have ended up like Bruce, if Christ had not intervened in my life just in time.

            Let us pray for the youth that is lost without Christ. Perhaps you know some young person lacking understanding. I plead with you in the name of the Lord to love them and not criticize them, about their strange music preferences or strange wardrobe (and earrings). Tell them about Jesus and He will save and change them.

            The youth of today needs Christ more than ever.

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