Proverbs 6     (June 29)

                                                               Brother Ambrosius

            “When will you rise from your sleep?”

            A group of Christians gathered together in a home for an informal prayer service. After singing some choruses and listening to a brief devotional, they divided into smaller groups for prayer.

            In one of these groups was Ambrosius, a much respected elder in the congregation. When his group was done praying, he did not stand up. Half an hour went by after all the groups had finished, and Ambrosius was still “praying”.

            During all this time no one dared to bother this prayer warrior, they all admired his devotion and perseverance in the art of intercession. However, admiration turned to fear, as time passed by and Ambrosius did not get up.

            “Ambrosius, it’s time to go!”

            They called, but he remained on his knees.

            Then the owner of the house came and touched him; he then realized that Ambrosius had been sleeping all this time!

            You might find this story humorous, but this brother is not the only sleepyhead in the church of Christ. Many are those who are soundly asleep during church services or prayer groups.

            Physical sleep is a result of tiredness, and a symbol of the spiritual slumber of many believers. God commands us to rise up. The bed of indifference is very comfortable, and the carnal hammock very soft; however, both draw us away from God.

            Let us rise up, rinse our eyes with the “water of life” and serve Christ.

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